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Switch 2 Solar Power 4 Free

Citizenrē REnU Citizenrē pays for, installs, owns and operates the solar Residential Energy Unit (REnU). All you do is pay for the electricity generated from your panels. Your contract rate for this electricity is based on the average rate for your utility during the prior year. We "lock in" this rate so that it never goes up for the entire duration of the contract, up to 25 years. We give you back your power, you produce your own electricity, and you keep the savings every month. Here are some of the benefits you receive:

  • No upfront investment
  • No waiting for rebates
  • Citizenrē obtains all permits and handles engineering, procurement, and construction
  • You only pay for what is delivered. Since the solar power you generate reduces your need for energy from your utility company, your net payment will be equal to, or less than, what you are paying now
  • Hassle-free operating and maintenance
  • Hedge against future utility price increases by locking in your electricity rates from the solar system for up to 25 years
  • After you sign up on our Independent Ecopreneur website (or ask me to do this for you), you will receive a Forward Rental Agreement (FRA) to sign, with the terms for your Residential Energy Unit (REnU). When Citizenrē is ready to install your panels, an engineer comes to you to design the final system. If you decide then to install the REnU, you pay a security deposit, usually $500, that you will receive back with interest at the end of the contract period.

    Your rent for a REnU is based on how much power it generates. Since the fuel supply (sunlight) is free and very little maintenance is required throughout its lifetime, Citizenrē rents to you at a fixed rate for the contract period you sign up for one, five, or 25 years. Your REnU rate is "locked in" at the time of signing an FRA.

    Citizenrē engineers a REnU system that will meet your exact needs based on your electricity usage, obtains the permits, procures the equipment, installs the system, and integrates it with your utility company.

    Citizenrē monitors your REnU electronically to make sure it performs at its optimum capability. We have a vested interest with the performance of your REnU. If it doesnít generate electricity, you pay nothing! At the end of each month, Citizenrē will provide you with a bill, that tells you how much electricity your REnU has generated. Your rent is equal to your contract rate times the electricity generated.

    The Citizenrē Corporation has designed a business that delivers the REnU to you under the best possible conditions. Citizenrē uses only the finest components to make up the REnU. It is professionally installed and maintained by our team of dedicated engineers and technicians. And with a performance-based rental contract, you receive the strongest form of system warranty available. You need not be concerned with:

  • Potential system failure
  • Warrantee assurance from equipment providers
  • Whether your choice to switch to solar power was right or not, since you donít have to make a large technology investment
  • Through the REnU program you are virtually able to eliminate your risk in adopting solar power. Solar power is a significant step toward energy independence and a huge step in preserving our environment and protecting our national security from dependence on foreign oil
  • If you want to help clean the environment, stem global warming, strengthen the energy grid, support national security and energy independence, while you also become energy independent yourself and hedge against rising energy costs with a fixed-price rental contract, then sign up now and... Join the solution! Citizenrē makes it easy and affordable for any homeowner to take that step.
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