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Menu and Order Form

Welcome to the Adam Flowers menu and order form. We've tried to make the ordering process as simple and as safe as possible for you.

Clicking on each item in the menu will open a new browser window containing its picture. Next to each is a box you can use to indicate how many units of it you want, order only one item at a time please this to limit your loss when something goes wrong.

There is no more insurance option. There will be no resends on no-shows or green-tape.

Once you have chosen your item, click "Submit Order." It will take you to an e-gold payment form.

After you pay, you will be given a batch number. WRITE DOWN YOUR E-GOLD BATCH NUMBER! It will serve as your order number, and you will need it for any further communications regarding your order.

In an attempt to serve you better, we have implemented an automatic order status request process. The form for order status requests, order receipt confirmations and use resend requests to report no shows, forms are available in the same remote-folder as this orderform.

Enjoy your flowers.


Mailing/Contact Information